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! Status)!:  ! Gate)!: ! License, Version 2.0)!: © 2011-2018 Erwin Müller

h1(#description). Description

Declares all dependencies and all Maven plug-ins needed for a Advanced Natural Research Institute software project. It will declare the listed properties, add plug-in to deploy source and test sources and deploy the project-tests with the project jar.

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* "(externalLink)Generated Site":
* "(externalLink)Download (Central)":
* "(externalLink)Source code":
* "(externalLink)Source code (Github)":
* "(externalLink)Project Home":
* "(externalLink)Project Roadmap":
* "(externalLink)Project Issues":
* "(externalLink)Jenkins":
* "(externalLink)SonarQube":

h1(#packages-overview). Packages Overview

! Overview)!

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