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This is a base image for Wordpress. It modifies the parent image insofar as it can take input configuration files to override the image configuration files, allowing for Kubernetes config maps.


The files in WEB_ROOT are updated with rsync from the docker image. To avoid endless a loop of a restarting container a timeout for updating can be set in the variables UPDATE_TIME_S. No rsync will be called if the restart time was less than this timeout. While rsync should not write files that do not need to be updated, rsync is still making read requests.

Exposed Ports

Port Name
9000 php-fpm

Environment Parameters


Variable Default Description
WEB_ROOT /var/www/html The persistent directory of the application.
WEB_USER www-data The application user.
SYNC_ENABLED true Set to false to deactivate the application will be done.
SYNC_TIME_S 300 Set to the seconds that will be waited before a full update of the application will be done.
DEBUG false Set to true to enable script debug.


Variable Default Description
PHP_MAX_EXECUTION_TIME 300 max_execution_time
PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT 128M memory_limit
PHP_FPM_MAX_CHILDREN 10 pm.max_children
PHP_FPM_START_SERVERS 2 pm.start_servers
PHP_FPM_MIN_SPARE_SERVERS 2 pm.min_spare_servers
PHP_FPM_MAX_SPARE_SERVERS 5 pm.max_spare_servers
PHP_FPM_MAX_REQUESTS 500 pm.max_requests
PHP_FPM_REQUEST_SLOWLOG_TIMEOUT 0 request_slowlog_timeout
PHP_FPM_CATCH_WORKERS_OUTPUT 1 catch_workers_output
PHP_OPCACHE_ENABLE_CLI 1 opcache.enable_cli
PHP_OPCACHE_ENABLE 1 opcache.enable
PHP_OPCACHE_MEMORY_CONSUMPTION 128 opcache.memory_consumption

Input Configration

Source Destination
/php-in/php.ini /usr/local/etc/php/php.ini
/php-confd-in/*.ini /usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/
/wordpress-in/.htaccess /var/www/html/.htaccess
/wordpress-in/wp-config.php /var/www/html/wp-config.php


The docker-compose file test.yaml can be used to startup MySQL and the Wordpress base containers. The Wordpress installation can be then accessed from localhost:8080.

docker-compose -f test.yaml up

Optimize php-fpm

docker exec wordpress_wordpress_1 find /var/www/html -iname '*.php'|wc -l
find /var/www/html -iname *.php|wc -l